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Foil -  a service in which a hot stamp is pressed in color. Lime is used to imprint text or images on paper, plastic, or other foil-sensitive material. One cliché / form is used to foil a single image.

Congrave / embossing - embossing of an embossed image on a flat surface with one side embossed and the other embossed. Two clichés are used for Kongrev.

A cliché is a metal (usually magnesium) or plastic embossed form in which an illustration or text is engraved or etched. There are several types of clichés: foil or kongrevo.

Foil - a film with a thin layer of aluminum pigment powder.

Folijavimo spalvynas

The foil can be of various colors - matte or glossy, holographic.

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