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Sign  - type of outdoor advertising. It is a construction made of a variety of materials, usually the company logo, which is then hung as the company’s insignia on the building or above the door.  


Sign types :

  • One-sided or two-sided;

  • Luminous and non-luminous;

  • Consoles ("hanging in the air");

  • Rectangular, oval, lettered or otherwise  shaped light boxes;

  • Light boxes combined with bulkheads  letters;

  • Construction light boxes with awning, backlit  or satin;

  • Light boxes of plexiglass;

  • Light boxes with aluminum profile.

Available signage materials:

  • Aluminum composite;

  • Organic glass;

  • Tents;

  • Backlitas;

  • Satin;

  • Kt.

Turines iskabos

Lightbox file submission:

• The file must be vectorized;

• The front of the light box should look separate;

• The colors, materials, sizes, type of light box where it should hang, must be specified;

• A photo of the place where the light box is hung and a visual are needed where the light box is to be hung. It must also be indicated on what the light box will hang (brick, glass, etc.);

• Pre-production project  must be agreed with the municipality.  Before submitting the documents to the municipality of the city where the light box will hang, we recommend discussing the project with us.

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